Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

Residents’ alarm at 12-metre mast

Alarmed residents have hit out at proposals to construct a 12-metre mast near their homes after learning of the plans just days before the consultation period ended.

An application to erect the telecommunications facility on land off Calcott Lane, in Bicton Heath, was lodged with borough planners on June 3, but nearby residents claim they only received notification letters this week.

The application from Airwaves Solution is to erect a 24-hour-a-day mast to be used by the emergency services.

Dave Kilby lives next to the intended site and received his letter on Monday.

“As the house which is the nearest to this proposal we haven’t been informed until now.”

He said the consultation period was due to end tomorrow (Friday), but he has asked for it to be extended to the full 21 days so he could respond.

“I’ve been looking on a website that does voice strong concerns about these masts,” he added. “I’m concerned for the health and well-being of me and my family. Not much research has been done on these masts.”

Judith Delve, who also lives near the intended site, said she knew nothing about the plans until Tuesday.

“I’ve got two young children and another on the way. We’re really worried, there’s no escape once it’s there, it’s 24 hours a day,” she said.

“I’ve had a look on the website and there’s been no robust investigation into the health implications of these masts.”

Ian Kilby, from the borough’s planning department, said the consultation letters had not been sent out due to an error, but residents would be given 21 days to respond.

The matter is to be discussed by the borough’s development control committee on Tuesday, July 15.