Tuesday, 1st September 2015

The stylish way to work on the move with an Apple Macbook

pcworld2.jpgApple is forever strengthening its grasp on all things multimedia with the latest in technology.

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Apple is forever strengthening its grasp on all things multimedia with the latest in technology. With innovations like the iPhone and newly-introduced iPad, consumers always want to be in tune with the technological curve. However, let’s not forget where it all began: Macintosh computers. Through the years they have decreased considerably in size and increased in capabilities, until we arrive at the Apple Macbook. The question remains, what makes this laptop the ultimate gadget to have?

The company behind the Macbook needs no introduction. Apple has become global juggernauts in the media technology market. It has generated revenue of nearly $43 billion and has over 34,000 employees across 300 locations. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Apple has made sure that there is a Macbook that can cater for everyone; the first of which being the ever-so originally named Macbook, previously known as an iBook. This device is probably most suitable for the average consumer. It offers all the typical features that can be found on an Apple computer.

The Macbook is a great machine for a variety of purposes. Within its stylish body is a skeleton of advanced and useful features. A Macbook comes with a very striking 13.3-inch widescreen display, which is a real eye-catcher. In addition to this, the device runs off the well-known and powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which makes for quick performance. Also be aware that purchasing through Apple allows for in-depth customisation of the hardware and software included in your Macbook, which extends the experience even further.

The three typical models offered through most retailers are the 1.83MHz in white, the 2.0MHz in white and also the 2.0MHz in black. Aside from the colour difference, the model you purchase depends on just how powerful you want it to be. For example, a 2.0MHz Macbook will offer more memory and storage space than a 1.83MHz Macbook.

A little further up the hierarchy is the Macbook Pro. As suggested in the title, this machine is aimed more at a professional or business type clientele. Previously known as the PowerBook, the Macbook Pro offers enhanced performance from all angles. The device contains brand new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors that are capable of processing speeds up to 3.33MHz, making the Macbook Pro a speedy character.

Upon purchasing a Macbook Pro, you are given the choice of screen sizes. The options available are 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch. All the screens are LED-lit, glossy and anti-glare as well as supporting a range of resolutions. Take into consideration however that this customisation is sure to inflate the price tag the larger the screen you chose.

There are a vast array of features and extras available to customers who purchase a Macbook or Macbook Pro that aim to further enhance the user experience. Apple offers many software packages that can be pre-installed at an extra cost through the Apple website, or can be purchased as a separate hard copy off the shelf.

This software is built to provide extensive capabilities for your Macbook. Firstly, Apple offers iWork, software built for creating spreadsheets, presentations and other documents. Interestingly however, there is also a software package available that contains a Mac-friendly version of the Microsoft Office software. More specialised programs such as Bento 3 grants in-depth file making and database creation.

For a break away from work, the Macbook and Macbook Pro are capable of a range of multimedia and recreational activities. Among these software programs is Final Cut Express; ideal moviemaking and video editing. Furthermore, Aperture 3 gives users an extensive photo editing suite. This software is also compatible with photographs taken by the built in iSight web camera. Finally, for the budding musicians, Logic Express grants users their own personal recording studio.

While on the go, there are a number of laptop bags and cases created specifically for the easy and secure transportation of your Macbook. These are all available for the varying sizes in the Apple range, so you can never be left without your computer companion. As far as surviving while you are out, the battery life on both devices are good. Both the Macbook and the Pro upgrade boast up to ten hours of battery life off a single charge.

Overall, we can establish that both machines, although quite pricy with all the trimmings, are fantastic pieces of kit that can offer a broad horizon of functions suited for both work and play.